Unit Size Helper Chart

  • 7x7x9 (49 sq ft) Walk-in Closet

(file cabinets, records, small furniture, boxes)

  • 5x10x9 (50 sq ft) Walk-in Closet

(couches, chest of drawers,chairs, boxes, cabinets)

  • 7x10x9 (70 sq ft) Small Bedroom

(furniture, boxes, appliances, recreational items, records)

  • 10x10x9 (100 sq ft) Average Bedroom

one bedroom apartment with appliances)

  • 7x15x9 (105 sq ft) Average Bedroom

(one bedroom apartment w/appliances, inventory storage)

  • 10x14x9 (140 sq ft) Large Bedroom

(two bedroom apartment , occupational supplies)

  • 10x15x9 (150 sq ft) Large Bedroom

(two bedroom apartment, occupational supplies)

  • 6x20x9 (120 sq ft) Large Bedroom

(two bedroom apartment, occupational supplies)

  • 8x20x9 (160 sq ft) Long Large Bedroom

(occupational/inventory supplies, one bedroom apt w/furnishings)

  • 10x20x9 (200 sq ft) Small One Car Garage

(small home w/appliances, several boxes, chairs, outdoor items)

  • 10x25x9 (250 sq ft) Large One Car Garage

(3 bedroom home furnishings, appliances, numerous boxes, rec items)

  • 10x30x9 (300 sq ft) Moving Van Size

(4 or 5 bedroom home furnishings, appliances, numerous boxes)

Unit Types/Rates

New Climate Controlled Units Now Available

​​​Standard Unit Pricing per Month

SizeDrive UpInside Non ClimateClimate Controlled
5 x 10$45$50$78
10 X 10$60$70$90
10 x 15$75$85$115
10 x 20$90$100$140
10 x 25$110$140$160
15 x 20


A limited number of other sizes may be available. 

We have a limited number of outside camper/vehicle spaces available.

Rates vary as to size and type of vehicle. Please call for more information.

Drive Up Access Units

Truck Bed Loading Porch

Climate Controlled Units

Indoor Non Climate Controlled

A $20 security deposit required at signup is refundable if the unit is left clean and undamaged, all rented locks and keys are returned and all rents and charges are paid. (There will be a $0.50 processing fee if deposit is paid via credit/debit card.)  NOTE: Prices may change prior to being published on the web site.

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