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Moving Boxes

Mirrors and Glass- Cushion wrap (blankets or bubble wrap) and tape to avoid unwrapping. Store on edge.

Metal Items: Bicycles, Tools, Yard Items- Metal items should be cleaned and wiped with a rage containing machine oil. Secure long handle items together, store erect to avoid falling.

Machinery- Drain tanks on machinery that use gas/fuel to operate before you store them.

Tables and Wood Furniture- Cover with moving pads to avoid scratching when things are packed on top and beside these items.

Soft Furniture Upholstered Items- place light weight items on top of couches and chairs, lower your chance of permanent indentations. mattresses and box springs store on edge. store on pallet or corrugated cardboard mat.

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Packing Supplies

Free Hand Cart for use "On Site"

Storage Tips

Filling Your Unit-  Leave a small walkway between the boxes and furniture. You will be able to get to more items stored with out having to move items out and back in the unit. Store frequently sought items towards the door of the unit.

Circulation-  Leave space between your items and the walls & ceiling of the unit.  This will help circulation with in the unit, helping to prevent mildew and moisture build up.

Appliances- Refrigerators and freezers should be completely dry and stored with doors ajar. Stoves and Grills should be cleaned thoroughly.

Books and Bound Documents- pack flat to protect spines, do not overload, do not place directly on concrete floors to avoid moisture absorption.

Boxes "The Art of Stacking" - Heavy boxes on the bottom, lighter on top, do not overpack your boxes.

Bedding, Clothing, Linens, & Curtains- Cloth items should be washed or dry cleaned prior to storing to avoid stains from food or other particles. Hang clothing, curtains, and linens in wardrobe boxes. Add cedar bars for extra protection.

Clean & Pest Controlled- Cleanliness will protect your belongings and keep uninvited guest away.

Climate Controlled Units- Helps keep furniture, dry goods, books, records, electronics and antiques well preserved.

Dishes and Glassware- The best system is dish pack boxes! Stand plates, saucers, and platters on edge. Nestle bowls and cups. Securely wrap glassware to be placed on top of box.