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Holdswell™ Tie Down Rope

Braided polypropylene for maximum strength and knotting - Excellent for car and truck tie down 7/32" x 50'

Dish/Glass™ Partition Kit SS-7020

Designed to be used with Dish Pack Box to separate dishes and glassware - Corrugated dividers for individual cells to keep dishes glassware and other items safe.

Cling N' Hold™ Stretch Wrap

20" x 1000ft Clings to itself with out adhesive. Max Stretch- with easy release




Permanent Markers




SafeGuard™ Queen/King Mattress Bag

Fits Queen or King size standard & padded  mattresses or box springs during moving and storage.  durable slipcover protects against dirt, soil, mildew and water damage.

Cling N' Hold™ Stretch Wrap

Clings to itself with out adhesive. Maximum stretch, puncture and tear resistant.  Use to bundle things together or hold drawers in place duirng a move. 



Woven Tarp/Cover

Rugged woven polyethylene fabric laminated to polyethylene film for strength and durability. Water & Mildew resistant. Grommets - Crack resistant

We have packing and storing supplies for all your storage and moving needs available for purchase in our office.

Help Your Helpers
Keep each ROOM Together

Find Your STUFF during the Move Out, when in Storage & when you Move In. Use ROOM labels to show Room Names 

Lable IT

Let everyone helping know the specific boxes to be careful with- Mark'em Fragile! 



EZ-Wrap™ Self-Cling Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Provides excellent self-cling cushioning protection, No tape required, Does not unravel during shipping, Leaves no residue- It Clings to Itself - Not to Your Valuables.  12x40ft


PackRite™ Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Handy Box for convenient dispensing during packing.
Large economy roll for extra savings.  12" x 150ft.

DishGuard™ Protection Kit SS-7000

Corrugated dividers and high cling, ribbed lined pouches, keep dishes firmly in place during transit and storage

Packing & Storing Supplies

SafeGuard™ Full Mattress Bag

Fits Twin or Full size standard & padded mattresses or box springs during moving and storage.  Durable slipcover protects against dirt, soil, mildew and water damage.

EZ-Wrap™ Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Protect light weight items, Perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing 12" x 60ft (inc. 20ft FREE)  Inv#SS-303




MoveRite™ Wrapping Paper

Clean, White newsprint is an effective & economical wrap.  It protects fragile items during moving & storage. Inv # SS-2036

GlassGuard™ Protection Kit SS-7010

The professional way to pack and store glassware - corrugated dividers and ribbed lined pouches - Designed to fit 1.5 cubic ft box (small) 



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