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Permanent Markers






DishGuard™ Protection Kit SS-7000

Corrugated dividers and high cling, ribbed lined pouches, keep dishes firmly in place during transit and storage

EZ-Wrap™ Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Protect light weight items, Perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing 12" x 60ft (inc. 20ft FREE)  Inv#SS-303


MoveRite™ Wrapping Paper

Clean, White newsprint is an effective & economical wrap.  It protects fragile items during moving & storage. Inv # SS-2036

Woven Tarp/Cover

Rugged woven polyethylene fabric laminated to polyethylene film for strength and durability. Water & Mildew resistant. Grommets - Crack resistant

We have packing and storing supplies for all your storage and moving needs available for purchase in our office.

PackRite™ Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Handy Box for convenient dispensing during packing.
Large economy roll for extra savings.  12" x 150ft.


             Self Storage

SafeGuard™ Queen/King Mattress Bag

Fits Queen or King size standard & padded  mattresses or box springs during moving and storage.  durable slipcover protects against dirt, soil, mildew and water damage.

Cling N' Hold™ Stretch Wrap

Clings to itself with out adhesive. Maximum stretch, puncture and tear resistant.  Use to bundle things together or hold drawers in place duirng a move. 

EZ-Wrap™ Self-Cling Bubble Wrap 3/16"

Provides excellent self-cling cushioning protection, No tape required, Does not unravel during shipping, Leaves no residue- It Clings to Itself - Not to Your Valuables.  12x40ft

Dish/Glass™ Partition Kit SS-7020

Designed to be used with Dish Pack Box to separate dishes and glassware - Corrugated dividers for individual cells to keep dishes glassware and other items safe.

Cling N' Hold™ Stretch Wrap

20" x 1000ft Clings to itself with out adhesive. Max Stretch- with easy release



Lable IT

Let everyone helping know the specific boxes to be careful with- Mark'em Fragile! 


Packing & Storing Supplies


Help Your Helpers
Keep each ROOM Together

Find Your STUFF during the Move Out, when in Storage & when you Move In. Use ROOM labels to show Room Names 

SafeGuard™ Full Mattress Bag

Fits Twin or Full size standard & padded mattresses or box springs during moving and storage.  Durable slipcover protects against dirt, soil, mildew and water damage.


Holdswell™ Tie Down Rope

Braided polypropylene for maximum strength and knotting - Excellent for car and truck tie down 7/32" x 50'




GlassGuard™ Protection Kit SS-7010

The professional way to pack and store glassware - corrugated dividers and ribbed lined pouches - Designed to fit 1.5 cubic ft box (small)